Message Description
100 Continue Only a part of the request has been received by the server, but as long as it
 has not been rejected, the client should continue with the request
101 Switching Protocols The server switches protocol
200 OK The request is OK
201 Created The request is complete, and a new resource is created 
202 Accepted The request is accepted for processing, but the processing is not complete
203 Non-authoritative Information  
204 No Content  
205 Reset Content  
206 Partial Content  
300 Multiple Choices A link list. The user can select a link and go to that location. Maximum five addresses  
301 Moved Permanently The requested page has moved to a new url 
302 Found The requested page has moved temporarily to a new url 
303 See Other The requested page can be found under a different url 
304 Not Modified  
305 Use Proxy  
306 Unused This code was used in a previous version. It is no longer used, but the code is reserved
307 Temporary Redirect The requested page has moved temporarily to a new url
400 Bad Request The server did not understand the request
401 Unauthorized The requested page needs a username and a password
402 Payment Required You can not use this code yet
403 Forbidden Access is forbidden to the requested page
404 Not Found The server can not find the requested page
405 Method Not Allowed The method specified in the request is not allowed
406 Not Acceptable The server can only generate a response that is not accepted by the client
407 Proxy Authentication Required You must authenticate with a proxy server before this request can be served
408 Request Timeout The request took longer than the server was prepared to wait
409 Conflict The request could not be completed because of a conflict
410 Gone The requested page is no longer available 
411 Length Required The "Content-Length" is not defined. The server will not accept the request without it 
412 Precondition Failed The precondition given in the request evaluated to false by the server
413 Request Entity Too Large The server will not accept the request, because the request entity is too large
414 Request-url Too Long The server will not accept the request, because the url is too long.
Occurs when you convert a "post" request to a "get" request with a
long query information 
415 Unsupported Media Type The server will not accept the request, because the media type is not supported 
417 Expectation Failed  
500 Internal Server Error The request was not completed. The server met an unexpected condition
501 Not Implemented The request was not completed. The server did not support the functionality required
502 Bad Gateway The request was not completed. The server received an invalid response from the
upstream server
503 Service Unavailable The request was not completed. The server is temporarily overloading or down
504 Gateway Timeout The gateway has timed out
505 HTTP Version Not Supported The server does not support the "http protocol" version

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